Friday, October 26, 2007

Favorite Reason to Watch Dancing with the Stars.

    Ok, I admit it, I have never watched a single episode of Dancing with the stars until this season. I thought I would check it out as Cameron Mathison was going to be on. I had never seen Cameron on All My Children, only knew his good looks from magazines and the web, thought he would be hot to watch. Well...he is hot, but to me he is one of those actors hotter in character and in pictures than in person. In person he seems somewhat goofy and not as hot as the frequent wet torso pics that graced the net. I am enjoying it for another reason though, Marie Osmond. I love 70's variety shows and Donny and Marie was great (they will get their own post in the future). Marie Osmond is an interesting media figure these days, on one hand a show business survivor, on the other the doll queen is somewhat of a train wreck, her fainting spell last week a good example. But, all that being said, she makes good TV and it great to see a 70's teen idol holding her own on the show. Not sure she will make it to the finals, but it is fun watching her try to get there.

    Marie with brother Donny on the Donny and Marie Show.

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Favorite Reason to Watch Dancing with the Stars.

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