Monday, November 19, 2007

DVD Release of the Week: Hairspray

    Ok, I have not seen Hairspray yet. But it is out tomorrow. I have avoided most things which feature John Travota since 1990 (Except Pulp Fiction). Something about him these days disturbs me, in a Tom Cruise kind of weird way, they are like Stepford Actors. But it does feature Michelle Pfeiffer whom I love. So, I will give it a shot with a rental.

    The release of Hairspray gave me an excuse to post these Zac Efron shots. Lately he seems to be doing the 'Come Closer!' and 'Go Away' with the photo press. He is stalked to death, but you cannot tell me the recent ponytail shots, and the underwear pics below were not intential. The guy cannot do anything without a camera in his face. That still boggle me a bit. He is sort of cute, but not overly in my opinion. He is somewhat talented with acting, singing and dancing, but not extremely talented at those skills. I am not a huge fan of Zac, although he takes the odd good pic, but he is the guy of the day with the press. My guess it will not last long unless he gets a really good role beyond Musical to show off his talents, but anyway, here are a collection of shots of him showing his boxers, Calvin's and Fruit of the Looms. Pics from Just Jared (As if you could not tell, great blog, although he does like his watermarks...Yes I know it is frustrating when others steal your pics, but to be expected on the net, therefore, although I borrow some works from others, I try to use as many of my own scans and caps as possible, so no watermarks for my original material on here. I would love if you use my stuff to link or give credit, but if not, I will not have a cow).

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DVD Release of the Week: Hairspray

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