Thursday, October 25, 2007

Note to All: Featuring Haken Serbes

    Hey Blog Buddies
    Just want to clarify a few things for the readers of this blog. This is not a news blog. It is simply a blog to share some of my favorite pics of favorite guys as well as info and pictures of other favorites in the areas of sports, television, movies and more. I write this as I will be posting some pics that have already been seen by many. This is because I want to have a full archive of favorites even those that have been around for awhile. The men and celebrities I blog about will come mostly from the 70's through the present. I was born in the 70's and like to look back at the people who made an impact from then up to today. I truly welcome all feedback and comments. Although the main purpose of the blog is for my own enjoyment, I also love to hear if a post was enjoyable to you.

    I try to scan and cap as much of my own original material as possible, but yet also use some from others and try always to give credit or a link when I know it. I have thousands of magazines and videos and now DVD’s I am in the process of scanning and capping, but also am not going to put the energy into capping a movie which has been capped to death (ie The Blue Lagoon) for that it makes sense to cap material I have not seen elsewhere and to borrow the wonderful material from others who have put their time in doing so, giving them the credit they deserve.

    Lastly you will see nothing, and I mean NOTHING (unless they do a photo shoot with a nude Orlando Bloom, Channing Tatum, Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman) on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan or many of the other celebrities mostly known for doing nothing positive. Lindsay has/had talent but has flushed it away. I don’t judge her but I don’t want to give it air time either, nor make things worse. Hilton, Ritchie ect are nothing but internet celebrities with little to no talent. They will not be cluttering up my hard drive. There were too many blogs I enjoyed reading that were cluttered page after page with the latest on Lindsay’s drug issues or Paris jail time, so much so I lost interest in those blogs. Hope this sits well with anyone who comes upon my blog. I thank those who have given Favorite Hunks a look, and hope you like what I see, whether one, two, one hundred or zeo visit daily, I will be continuing to share the things I love, and again hope you will let me know what I have posted that you like or love as well.

    PS: the pics in this post are of the beautiful Haken Serbes

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Note to All: Featuring Haken Serbes

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