Saturday, December 29, 2007

Favorite Pic of the Day: December 29th

    Bonus Pic of the Day:

    Ok, why did I add this second pic. Well, although I attempt to source as many of the pics I post as possible, I am sure many have their origins from a porn site. That being said, as much as I love the male body, and post nudes, I am not a fan of porn. My definition of porn anyway. To me nudity is not porn, there a fine line I know.

    This is for many reasons mainly due to my upbrining, and the fact my profession is about bringing people up, and I find for the most part porn brings people down. I am not a prude about it, just did not want it to be a big part of this blog. Also, quite frankly the net is riddled with porn and there was no need for another blog or site simply posting naked pics. I hoped my blog might be a bit different. I attempted to do a blog full of the male celebrity nude in as tasteful a manner as I could. I do however like some of the guys from Corbin Fisher. I have never joined the site, but have seen pics on other sites of some of the hunks. I love the pic above because, regular blog readers will know, I love a butt shot, especially a partically covered one, and the three guys above are hot. But also, the first guy on the left, Jared reminds me of this guy I had the biggest crush on in Jr. High. His name was Andrew, and we actually became pretty good friends. I held onto that crush until I was a groomsmen in his wedding when I was 24. He is still a good friend. Jared is his spitting image. Anyway, blah blah, enough sharing for the day! Enjoy

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Favorite Pic of the Day: December 29th

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