Sunday, December 9, 2007

Favorite Brave Actor: Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo Mortensen is a great looking man. Viggo is also an accomplished actor choosing movies and roles outside the norm. His role in Lord Of The Rings not withstanding, Viggo often takes on challenging characters, anti hero's, not shy about having an audience not like him. Viggo has never run from nudity, his past roles are filled with skin. Skin that is character driven, not just to tease and drive up box office. His frontal in The Indian Runner was something most hollywood actors would shy away from.

    While Hollywood often uses new young actress's to fill movie screens by having them disrobe, rarely are guys made to do the same, Christopher Atkins being a rare exception. Recently movies such as Another Gay Movie, and the American Pie movies are showing more male flesh, but not a lot of frontals. Independent films tend to show more, but most known actors still shy away from showing the full monty. I can understand this, but I still respect Viggo for being a true actor, and his role in Eastern Promises is a brave one. Not many people would not only appear naked, but particpate in a brutal fight while being so. Viggo does not appear to let his feelings get in the way of what is good for a role.

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Favorite Brave Actor: Viggo Mortensen

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